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The past week has been a glimmer of hope for crypto investors, as they witnessed some green flash on their screens, which was quite occasional as the market was going through something people refer to as the “crypto winter”. And while the last few days have been joyful, it’s tough to predict how long this will last, given the volatility of the market. However, that’s no reason to worry. 

One of the key advantages of this industry is the variety of investment options it offers to investors. When mainstream cryptocurrencies experience a downturn, new and emerging cryptocurrencies often enter the market as alternative options.

One such exciting investment opportunity is RobotEra, a crypto investment project that emerged amidst the chaotic crypto market as a haven for investors and fans of the Metaverse. The concept of the Metaverse, a virtual world where users can interact and create, has become increasingly popular due to its promising future and accessibility. By tapping into this trending technology, RobotEra, along with other projects like Dash 2 Trade,, and Calvaria, are reaching investors in several industries. 

RobotEra is a newly-launched Metaverse project that has gained significant attention in the crypto community. The platform allows users to explore a new kind of Metaverse in a creative and unrestricted way. Within the RobotEra Metaverse, users can engage in a variety of activities, such as creating NFTs or buildings, exploring special areas to find rewards, participating in quests, and submitting original work to be displayed in museums.

What sets RobotEra apart from other Metaverse crypto projects is its ability to generate income for its users. Players who own the native token TARO can stake, mine, manage land, and trade using the in-built market, and even trade NFTs for monetary benefits. The public pre-sale for TARO has been highly successful, closing more than $700,000 and is considered one of the hottest pre-sales of 2022.

After the completion of the public pre-sale, RobotEra aims to apply for listing on well-known crypto exchanges, starting with LBank. With the support of LBank, TARO will become increasingly available for investment after the pre-sale closes with a resounding success. This presents a unique opportunity for investors to be a part of a promising and innovative crypto project that offers a new and exciting way to engage with the Metaverse. 

Now that we’ve glanced over the project, let’s touch on every tangent of the project in detail. 

New Crypto Project RobotEra To Transform Metaverse Landscape 

The RobotEra project is a unique and exciting addition to the metaverse space. Supporters of the project believe that it has the potential to become a viral sensation due to its innovative gameplay. 

Players will be able to create their own RobotEra non-fungible token (NFT) which they will use to interact with the sci-fi-themed metaverse. Using TARO, the native token of RobotEra, players will be able to buy and sell land within the metaverse, as well as a host of other in-game NFTs such as NFT robots and items.

The developers of RobotEra plan to incorporate the play-to-earn element into the metaverse, where users can essentially mine TARO. This won’t demand the need for any coding skills, all they will need to do is master the simple in-game building tools. Additionally, players will be able to build and compete in games, which will offer players another avenue to earn TARO.

RobotEra also envisions that, like other established crypto metaverse players such as Decentraland, “real world” businesses and brands will eventually be attracted to its metaverse and purchase and develop land to promote their business. 

The platform also offers creators and artists a new way to interact with fans by creating and distributing real digital assets which will be tradeable within the game to fans.

Integrating NFTs & Powering Through TARO

Investors were once quite surprised to find the value proposition of NFTs, as seen by the NFT wave in 2021. It’s no wonder, therefore, that RobotEra integrating NFTs only adds to the project’s utility, working as much in investors’ favor as possible. Not just this, by holding NFTs as an integral part of the ecosystem, the project has opened avenues for the range of possibilities that come with NFTs for the future. For instance, using NFTs as collateral for crypto loans. 

Similarly, TARO, the native cryptocurrency of RobotEra, serves as the fuel of the game’s economy. Players can use TARO to acquire land, buy robot NFTs, and participate in other in-game economic activities. Players can also earn rewards by staking their tokens. In addition to this, TARO also functions as the governance token of RobotEra, with its holders being able to vote on the project’s development. 

The currency follows the ERC-20 standard with a maximum supply of 1.8 billion, which is a low supply compared to many other similar crypto projects. Going further, RobotEra plans to introduce virtual and augmented reality in the coming year, bringing players into an advanced metaverse that combines aspects of Minecraft with the sophisticated futuristic world of Taro.

TARO Presale- Own Your Tokens Before Price Increase 

RobotEra is currently in the initial phase of its pre-sale, during which the TARO token is being offered at a price of $0.020. As the pre-sale progresses, the price of TARO will gradually increase. The second phase of the presale will see the price rise to $0.025, while the third and final stage will see the price go up to $0.032. 

This presents an opportunity for investors to purchase TARO at a lower price, potentially leading to gains as the value of the token increases. This is a strategy that has been successful in the past with other projects such as Tamadoge, even during market downturns.

All these prospects make RobotEra one of the best projects to invest in right now. Purchase your TARO tokens before the token price increases by 25% in the next presale stage. 

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