Real estate firms partner to identify investment opportunities

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Real estate firms partner to identify investment opportunities

James Ackrill

Two real estate firms have joined forces to identify residential investment opportunities for private investors.

Birmingham-based Centrick will work alongside Holborn Property Developments as a sourcing and management partner, utilising its experience in the residential sector to pinpoint developers and developments that present investment potential.

James Ackrill, founder of Centrick, said: “With our 18-plus years’ experience in the market, and significant expertise across all property sectors, Centrick has been selected as the partner for all sourcing of investment property for Holborn. 

“We’ll work with them to identify developments, and developers, that present strong investment opportunities for Holborn’s new and existing clients and ensure that comprehensive due diligence is done to create the best investments for Holborn’s global clients.

“We are very excited to be working with Holborn Property Developments as its sourcing partner. Real estate is a key strand of many investors’ portfolios. Holborn wants to provide the absolute best in any type of investment and that means delivering sustainability and performance.”

In addition to sourcing and due diligence for potential developments and developers, Centrick will also provide property and lettings management for Holborn clients and investors post-acquisition. 

Peter Wesley, managing director of Holborn Property Developments, added: “The focus of our partnership with Centrick is to utilise their extensive expertise in the residential sector in order to identify developers and developments that present opportunities for our clients to grow their property investments portfolios and to benefit from market leading yields and capital growth.”