Our growing economy entices US

Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen yesterday said the US wants to maintain good relations with Bangladesh and noted that Bangladesh is “becoming a big economy”.

Momen said US Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs Donald Lu came to Bangladesh to “help improve the relationship” between the two countries.

“We had a very good discussion. We had a very positive and constructive discussion. They are very happy with us. We are also very happy,” he told reporters, adding that President Biden wants to improve relations with Bangladesh in the next 50 years.

Momen said they are also happy with Ambassador Peter Haas because he is an expert on economic issues. “We are on a higher economic trajectory. Our main focus is on economic development. He (Peter) can help us.”  

Responding to a question on Rab, he said the elite force is now more mature and things have changed with accountability in place.

Momen said Bangladesh is a leader in the world in terms of stopping extremists and terrorists. “We are very successful. There are no terrorism activities.”