Looking to Invest in Precious Metals: Lear Capital is Your Ultimate Destination

A gold IRA or investment retirement account is a self-paced retirement account that allows you to invest in gold and various other precious metals. One of the main benefits of investing in a gold IRA is that it beats yearly inflation rates easily. All kinds of precious metals, including gold, are appreciated with time since they are limited resources. And when it comes to investing in gold IRA or other precious metals like silver, platinum, and palladium, there can be no better option than Lear Capital. In service since 1997, Lear Capital has quickly become one of the most favorite precious metals partners in America, owing to its excellent customer services and unbeatable silver and gold prices.

Company Background and Detailed Information

Located in Los Angeles, California, USA, Lear Capital offers an assortment of IRA-approved silver, gold, and platinum coins. In addition to this, the company also takes pride in keeping all its clients very well-informed about precious metals through a wide range of articles and educational resources. With Lear Capital, the purchase procedure is straightforward and does not take much time. The company promotes a long-lasting relationship with its clients and ensures that the clients make secure investments when buying from Lear Capital.

Lear Capital offers its customers various purchasing options and an assortment of precious metals. Boasting an A+ rating by Better Business Bureau, the company has successfully established itself as one of America’s most reliable metals providers. Lear Capital members are there for the assistance of its clients during the buying procedure. They help clients diversify their portfolios with bullion and rare coins by adding physical gold and silver to their existing IRA accounts.

Kevin DeMeritt: Chairman and Founder of Lear Capital

Kevin DeMeritt is the founder and chairman of Lear Capital. He is a respected market analyst and financial expert with more than 20 years of skilled experience in the precious metals investment industry. He has also participated in several interviews on market volatility, tangible assets, portfolio diversification, and the consequences of the national debt at different media outlets.

Speaking of customer service and providing clients with proper satisfaction, the company offers all-inclusive education and a plethora of investment resources. Its website features a News and Investor Resources section, where you can find an assortment of educational tools and details from the precious metal’s encyclopedia. Besides this, you can also find updated market data and pricing charts of different metals. The articles covering precious metal investments are also of great use to investors.

Client satisfaction, along with ongoing good customer care, is a critical component of the services offered by Lear Capital.

Products by Lear Capital

The company offers an assortment of well-known IRA-approved silver, gold, platinum, and palladium products. Available exclusive items in the gold coin category include Gold Canadian Maple Leaf, Gold American Eagle, American Gold Buffalo, and Gold Austrian Philharmonic. You will find Silver American Eagle and Canadian Maple Leaf in the silver coin category. For platinum investors, a Platinum American Eagle coin is available in a one-ounce variety. Apart from this, you can also find silver and gold bars.

Invaluable Resources for the Investors

With Lear Capital, you can get myriad investor resources to help you remain informed about the precious metals market. The Lear capital site also features a section called Smart Tools Suite, where you can get the required help to calculate the amount you need to set aside for retirement while considering inflation. You can also use this section to compare the effect of adding precious metals to your stock portfolio.

The Smart Tools Suite at the Lear Capital site also features videos and eBooks that can help improve your understanding of making precious metals investments. The tool can even assist you in keeping track of the latest developments in the economy and finance industry and how they influence your retirement savings. Lear Capital also offers free newsletters that help clients get current news of the market and the latest information about precious metals and the perks of investing in rare coins.


Of course, Lear Capital will be the right precious metals dealer for you if you want your investment to prove lucrative. But remember to pay attention to the company’s policies, bullion prices, practices, and storage fees before considering it your go-to platform for making precious metals investments.