Invest 90-L forms in the northwest Atlantic

The chances of further development are very low.

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — It may not be a very typical time to be tracking the tropics, but despite what the calendar says: A low-pressure system in the northwest Atlantic Ocean has been designated as Invest 90-L on Monday by the National Hurricane Center.

Though, again, this is the middle of January. The newly categorized feature has a 0-percent chance of becoming a subtropical or tropical system, according to NHC forecasters.

But on the off-chance it was to become something, Arlene is the first name on the 2023 Atlantic hurricane season list.

Invest 90-L is located about 300 miles north of Bermuda as of the hurricane center’s earlier update. Although there may be a chance for it to organize further, it likely won’t last long as it will soon move across very cold water.

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