Best New Upcoming ICOs to Invest in 2023

New initial coin offers (ICOs) appear often in the rapidly developing cryptocurrency market (ICOs). Tokens created by the firm are sold to investors for cryptocurrency or fiat money in an ICO. These tokens may or may not be a representation of a stake in the corporation, but they may be sold on cryptocurrency exchanges.

It might be difficult to keep up with the constant stream of new ICO announcements. This post will focus on a few of the most exciting and potentially successful ICOs set to launch in the near future. These initiatives have the potential to have a significant effect in their respective domains, from novel AI solutions to decentralized financial infrastructures.

Top Upcoming ICOs to Keep an Eye On in 2023

Due to the large potential returns and risk factors involved, ICOs naturally attract investors who understand the volatile nature of the market and the profits.  Here are several upcoming ICOs of 2023 which will be very popular and has the potential to give you 10x returns by the end of the year.

  • Meta Masters Guild – The Top Trending Cryptocurrency ICO to Buy Right Now
  • RobotEra — Money-Making Token for Online Games in the Metaverse
  • FightOut — Active M2E Project Revolutionizing the Fitness Industry
  • Calvaria — IEO’s Fascinating P2E Game
  • C+Charge — Unique Crypto Incentivizing EV Drivers
  • EstateX —Hottest ICO Token in the Real Estate Industry
  • Metropoly —Most Promising Cryptocurrency ICO Offering One Million Dollars

More on The Top New ICOs of 2023 – Analysis

You should keep a watch on the selected crypto ventures since they offer appealing characteristics that will attract investors.

Meta Masters Guild 

Considering that it is the initial Web3 mobile gaming network, Meta Masters Guild is a rapidly growing upcoming ICO in 2023. More than $50,000 was raised during the first day of the presale, showing that investors are buying into the high-potential concept.

Meta Masters Guild buy on Uniswap Best Crypto STOMeta Masters Guild buy on Uniswap Best Crypto STO

There is now a mad rush to get in on the presale since investors believe the native token’s price will skyrocket even before it gets listed on major exchanges. In the first stage, MEMAG (which is the native token) may be purchased for $0.007; by the conclusion of the seven stages, the price will have increased to $0.023, a 228% increase from the initial price of the token.

Tokenomics are strictly enforced with a maximum supply of 1 billion MEMAG. 350 million which is approximately 35% of the supply will be assigned to the presale and then another 15% will be held in trust for cash flow and exchanges. MEMAG is used to support and finance the project’s growth instead of an incentive token. With a hard ceiling set at $4.97 million, there is no waiting time for presale tokens.

The remaining 50% will be divided among developers of the platform, reserve, in-game marketplace, and the team, and will be vested and released gradually over a period of 36 to 48 months. The team behind this upcoming ICO are committed to keeping in touch with investors, and are all public for transparency unlike many new ICOs today which have anonymous founders. Below its brand ambassador appears on the official YouTube channel:

YouTube video

[embedded content]

According to its whitepaper, the Meta Masters Guild platform promises to be one of the greatest crypto games available because of its ’emphasis on enjoyment’ rather than money. Meta Masters Guild will prioritize quality and durability over tokenization and prizes, despite the fact that previous crypto games have had a massive pump-and-dump cycle.

Do keep in mind that the MEMAG token will not be utilized for prizes, it will not succumb to sell-offs as other P2E tokens have. Instead, a different token, GEMS, will be used for prizes  Players may earn GEMS by completing in-game tasks and using them to buy new assets, improve existing ones, or even turn them into MEMAG.

At the time of writing, there are three games, namely an open-world Metaverse, a kart racing game and a fantasy fighting game, which are being created on the Meta Masters Guild platform. In addition to CoinSniper’s doxxing and KYC verification of the Meta Masters Guild team, SolidProof has examined the smart contract for MEMAG, a tax-free ERC-20 token.

Use our how-to-buy Meta Masters Guild token guide to learn more about this unique asset. Update – over $300,000 has now been raised and the first stage of this new ICO is nearly sold out.

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RobotEra’s native token, TARO, is a good example of a promising new crypto presale in the gaming sector.

With a hard ceiling of $6.93 million and $700,000 in investments to yet, TARO launched its presale in the middle of November 2022, allocating 270 million tokens to the presale.


The goal of the RobotEra ecosystem is to construct a Metaverse similar to The Sandbox and Decentraland, both of which are virtual planets. The game’s native token, TARO, may be used to purchase virtual goods and services, see advertisements, and participate in the project’s decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).

To enter the TARO planet, players must first join as Robots, NFT identities created on the Ethereum blockchain. There are only 10,000 of these Robot NFTs available, and they’re part of seven separate campaigns.

The initial RobotEra presale began in the fall of 2022. You can buy one TARO token for $0.002 right now. There will be three phases to the presale, with 90,000,000 tokens available in each round.

Even if major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have been experiencing corrections throughout the year, presales tend to do well right from the start. SharkTeam has completed a detailed audit of the smart contracts for RobotEra, and CoinSniper has validated the identity of all RobotEra users.

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Fight Out

Users of Fight Out, a platform that encourages physical activity in exchange for token prizes, are rewarded with tokens for completing various types of moves and steps. With this platform’s presale of FGHT tokens, investors may profit from a cheap asset gained through healthy behavior change.

FightOut Long-Term TokenFightOut Long-Term Token

Investors are flocking to the FGHT token presale, which is presently in its first round, to take advantage of up to 50 percent in incentives and to purchase tokens at their lowest price.

Currently trading at $0.0166, tokens will increase in price by 100% to $0.0333 by the end of the presale. In addition, investors will receive bonus tokens based on the amount they invest and the vesting period they select. This bonus token offering is only useable all through stage 1, which has a $5 million goal.

FightOut has allotted 30% of the 10 billion token allocation to the presale, with an additional 15% accessible through the bonus system, so investors who want simple access to inexpensive assets should act quickly. As just 5% of the total supply will be accessible on exchanges once the presale concludes, the price of $FGHT is expected to soar as a result of the supply shortage and subsequent demand.

The other 50% will be invested over a period of five years to finance the project’s ongoing development and marketing efforts.

FightOut is a paid fitness app for smartphones that allows users to create a digital fitness profile, from which they may generate personalized exercises and watch instructional videos that are tailored to their specific area of training. FightOut gyms, accessible to users, will be situated in major cities all over the world. This move-to-earn crypto promises to bring health and wealth to users in a real sense.

REPS is the app’s virtual money, and it is awarded to users as they accomplish challenges and exercises. Users may trade in their REPS for everything from gear to NFTs to gym memberships to virtual training sessions with FightOut pros. Investors can now use $FGHT coins to purchase additional REPS.

Notable sports figures like former boxing champion Savannah Marshall, UFC fighters Taila Santos and Amanda Ribas more have all agreed to join FightOut as ambassadors, giving fans access to master class-style training videos from the athletes.

Owning FGHT is a prerequisite for using this platform; now is a good time to invest in FightOut tokens while they are cheap and easy to acquire.

Learn more about this M2E ICO through our how-to-buy Fight Out guide.

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Among the most promising P2E investment options, this year is Calvaria, a new combat card game. The presale of the project’s native token, RIA, has been very successful thus far.

Calvaria New ICOCalvaria New ICO

There have been scores of crypto-based game initiatives, but thus far none of them has been successful in breaking into the mainstream. Because of the technological complexity of the blockchain and cryptocurrency connections, they turn off many “classic” players. Because of its accessibility and engaging game mechanics, Calvaria distinguishes out from the crowded gaming industry.

The game is designed for both “regular” and “crypto” players. The free version is available on both Google Play and the Apple App Store, so anybody can try out the gameplay and see whether they like it. However, in the play-to-earn variant, you may turn a profit thanks to your gaming expertise.

You may start playing right now without downloading any wallets or spending any money. Calvaria provides you with a choice between using P2E and using crypto tokens and NFT in-game assets, and it explains the advantages of the latter. It’s a game-changer, for sure. And if you do decide to purchase in-game Calvaria assets, you can rest certain that you will be the sole legal owner of such goods due to their blockchain construction

The game’s focus on the hereafter is an area that has received scant attention in video games and other forms of popular culture. Possibilities for innovation and adaptability are opened up. The centerpiece, Duels of Eternity, is still in the prototyping phase. You can get a taste of what’s to come with the two mini-games that are available right now. It has the potential to become one of the best metaverse cryptos to date.

The project’s novel approach has attracted the attention of industry heavyweights, leading to over $3 million in presale funding.

The presale allotment of RIA tokens is 15% of the entire quantity of 1 billion. During the presale, you can purchase tokens at a discount; the sooner you invest the more tokens you will receive for your money.

Keep in mind that there are only about 10 million tokens left to purchase at a price of $0.0325 (up 225% from the first stage of the presale). The new deadline for the presale is January 31, 2023, and the initial exchange offering (IEO) will take place on BKEX. Major exchanges like GotBit and LBank have already confirmed that they will be listing this token once the presale ends.

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To get their businesses off the ground, cryptocurrency projects often hold presales to bring in initial capital. A good example of a company doing this is EstateX, which is selling its $ESX token at a discount in anticipation of launching it on an exchange later this year.


Due to its potential for growth and its concentration on real estate investments and partial possession of properties, EstateX may be an interesting investment possibility. Furthermore, its emphasis on giving individuals access to high-value investment options which was previously inaccessible to them may generate an immense potential for those searching for alternate methods to engage in real estate without the need for a big amount of funds available upfront.

Those who are interested in long-term financial security may also benefit from EstateX’s mission to teach its users about asset management and the creation of generational wealth. 

The opportunity to buy tokens at a discount from what they could be worth after the EstateX initiative has gained traction makes the presale a compelling proposition. When the project is released to the public, market rates will take effect, allowing ESX token holders to profit from price appreciation.

Among the top crypto presales, EstateX is one to keep an eye on due to its widespread appeal and ambition to disrupt a sizable current sector.


In order to facilitate the use of blockchain technology for the payment of charging fees by drivers of electric vehicles (EVs), C+Charge began a presale of its native token $CCHG in December 2022. Right now, the token may be purchased in a preliminary presale for $0.013.


Those looking to capitalize on growth in value should purchase C+Charge tokens immediately before a second stage raises the price to $0.0165; a third stage raises the price to $0.02; and a fourth raises the price to $0.0235, an 80% increase from the launch price.

C+Charge has allocated 40% of the total 1 billion token supply to the presale, with a hard maximum of $6.6 million and no vesting time for presale tokens.

The initial presale round of C+Charge saw a single transaction of $100,000 from a crypto whale.

C+Charge is a smartphone app that helps users find charging stations and get information about them, such as pricing and wait times. When users charge their automobiles at stations that accept C+Charge’s payment mechanism, the app will store both the CCHG tokens and the carbon credits they earn.

One ton of carbon dioxide emissions can be balanced by purchasing a certain number of carbon credits.

The program keeps tabs on a user’s token and credit carbon balance, as well as provides real-time data to charging station operators, enables diagnostic checks, and makes pricing information that was previously impossible to access available at the user’s fingertips.

C+Charge encourages the widespread use of electric vehicles (EVs) by providing financial incentives to their owners for charging their cars; holders may assist the environment while benefiting financially from this initiative. That factor alone makes it the green crypto that the more environmentally conscious among you must keep an eye on.

Because just 8 percent of all tokens will be available through liquidity, investors would be wise to get in on the CCHG while prices are low and the tokens are easy to get their hands on.

There is a KYC-verified and doxxed staff working on the project, and they have already teamed with Flowcarbon, a carbon credit initiative that raised $70 million from prominent VC firms including a16z, Invesco, and Samsung Next. Combining forces with Perfect Solutions, C+Charge now controls 20% of Turkey’s charging infrastructure.

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Introducing NFT partial possession of the real estate, Metropoly is a ground-breaking new venture that is reshaping the real estate industry. Investors with as little as $100 might have exposure to real estate that would otherwise be out of their price range by utilizing cryptocurrencies.

Metropoly Upcoming ICOMetropoly Upcoming ICO

With the help of Web3 technology, the Metropoly venture cuts the time it takes to acquire something from 60 days down to just 20 seconds. METRO token holders are also eligible for a variety of other perks, including non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for investors and real estate, cashback, and a one-time chance to win a $1 million property in the Burj Khalifa.

Token holders may be certain that competent property managers will handle all aspects of owning and managing the properties, from routine upkeep to tenant screening and placement. Since its presale just started, Metropoly has quickly risen to the ranks of the best-performing cryptocurrencies.

More on Upcoming Initial Coin Offerings

Avid cryptocurrency buyers will know Initial Coin Offerings allow crypto-based enterprises to obtain funds by issuing tokens and often result in fluctuating cryptocurrencies. This concept is very similar to Initial Public Offerings in the stock market.

Most ICO tokens will be designed to be used in a way that strengthens the project’s overall objective while there are some ICOs that issue tokens which serve as a ‘stake’ in the enterprise, (buy now, sell later for profit).

Many parts of initial coin offerings are not governed since they are so new compared to more established asset classes. Due to the prevalence of fraudulent initial coin offerings, potential backers of a given ICO should have unwavering faith in the integrity of the project before committing any funds. 

On What Basis Are These ICO Selected As The Top ICO of 2023? 

Background Check on Team

One of the most important things you can do to ensure a project’s success is to research the developers who will be working on it. Keep an eye out for initiatives whose teams have expertise in the relevant field, whether it be blockchain technology or peer-to-peer gaming. Many investors will be wary of funding a project if they can’t find any background on the people working on it. If the smart contracts have been audited and verified as secure by a third-party service, such as SolidProof or CertiK, then the project may be considered legitimate.


Reviewing the tokenomics of a company is essential since it provides insight into how much the token’s value will increase in the long run. Crypto presales sometimes start with a huge amount of tokens (imagine billions) but then burn most of them once the project has begun. The token’s value is increased because of the burn mechanism’s effect of decreasing the available supply and increasing the scarcity of the remaining tokens. That is why understanding tokenomics is a very crucial factor when investing in any ICO.

Social Media Presence

Speculators in the crypto market may now network and discuss potential investments on social media, making this medium invaluable. When looking for information regarding cryptocurrencies, social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Reddit crypto subs and Quora are very effective. As a bonus, many people have extensive knowledge of the cryptocurrency market and may offer insightful commentary on the possibilities of a presale. Understanding the social media presence of a particular project and what people are talking about a project will make things easier for you when you decide to invest in an ICO.

Is An ICO Investment Worth It In 2023?

There is no reward without risk and crypto investors are adept with this concept. Those investors who have faith in a particular project and believe it has a strong use case in the real world will walk away with a sizeable profit. If you’re someone contemplating whether an ICO is a worthy investment in 2023 or now, the following points should help answer your query:


When an ICO project gets listed on major DEX and CEX platforms, early-bird investors who believed in the project during the presale walk away with a handsome profit. Investing in an ICO not for the faint-hearted and is sold at dirt cheap rates during their presale rounds before they are listed on major public exchanges. If you have the knack to spot a worthy investment, you set yourself to make huge profits. Also see our guide to the best new coins on Uniswap, one of the most common DEX platforms new crypto ICOs list their token on.

Get Your Hands on Innovative Projects

When you have direct access to invest in innovative projects which solve problems on a macro-level, this is reason enough for you to park your money on such a project. The extreme level of competition in the cryptocurrency industry means that initial coin offerings need to set themselves apart by offering one-of-a-kind features that no other token does.

Final Word

Now that you have a complete understanding of ICOs, a comprehensive analysis of the top crypto presales of 2023, project highlights and factors to consider when choosing to invest in an ICO, this information is enough to help you decide whether to invest in a presale or not. A well-executed presale, while inherently hazardous, may generate gains that significantly outpace the market and is thus an intriguing investment prospect.

One of the most recommended presale projects you should consider investing in is Meta Masters Guild which is a one-of-a-kind holistic Web3 mobile gaming network. The initial token sale price is $0.007 and will climb to $0.023 in the latter parts of the presale stages.

Meta Masters Guild – Play and Earn Crypto

Meta Masters GuildMeta Masters Guild
  • Innovative P2E NFT Games Library Launching in 2023
  • Free to Play – No Barrier to Entry
  • Putting the Fun Back Into Blockchain Games
  • Rewards, Staking, In-Game NFTs
  • Real-World Community of Gamers & Traders
  • Round One of Token Sale Live Now –

Meta Masters GuildMeta Masters Guild

FAQs on Upcoming Crypto ICOs

How Do I Get New ICO Crypto?

To participate in an ICO and acquire its cryptocurrency, one must first sign up on the project’s website and then use an exchange cryptocurrency like Tether or Ethereum to acquire the new token. When the exchange is complete, you may put the tokens in a cryptocurrency wallet until you’re ready to sell them.

How Do You Determine The Best ICO?

It might be difficult and subjective to choose the ideal ICO for your needs. When deciding whether or not to invest in an ICO, you should think about the quality of the team working on the project, the soundness and originality of the business plan, the likelihood that the project will succeed in its objectives and return a profit to its backers, and the degree of risk that you are willing to take. Before making any financial commitments, investors should learn as much as they can about the ICO’s regulatory framework and weigh the possible benefits against the dangers.

Is Initial Coin Offering Same As Initial DEX Offering?

Contrary to popular belief, ICOs and IDOs are not the same things. Initial coin offerings (ICOs) entail the selling of a new cryptocurrency to investors in return for older cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum. In contrast, initial coin offerings (ICOs) entail the selling of a new token on a decentralized exchange (DEX), with investors able to buy the token using other cryptocurrencies. Companies can utilize both ICOs and IDOs to obtain capital for the launch of a new venture, but the two mechanisms are distinct and function in different regulatory frameworks.

Is Digital Tokens the Same as ICO Tokens?

Tokens issued by a corporation during an ICO can also be referred to as digital tokens. Tokens are digital assets that are used to fundraise for a venture and are also exchanged on cryptocurrency markets. To a large extent, digital tokens’ worth depends on how popular the project is that they were created to support.

Is ICO Crypto the Same As ICO Tokens?

Can You Lose Money in an ICO Project?

Due to the significant danger and inherent uncertainty of ICOs, it is possible to incur losses in the process of creating or investing in an ICO.

What Are The Risk Associated With Initial Coin Offerings?

Due to the high degree of speculation involved, ICOs are fraught with peril. Some of the dangers of initial coin offerings are that the project won’t take off as planned, the ICO coin or token will lose value, the ICO might be fraudulent or violate legal regulations, and the ICO could be hacked. Investors need to think long and hard about these dangers and do their homework on any ICO they’re considering investing in.

How Much Should One Invest in Upcoming ICO Projects?

Any forthcoming initial coin offering (ICO) or initial public offering (IPO) should be treated like any other investment; one should not risk more than he can afford to lose. Your comfort with risk will determine the quantity that is good for you.

How to Protect Yourself from Rug Pull ICO Projects?

Is Crypto ICO Safer Than Stock IPO?

Since both initial coin offerings (ICOs) and initial public offerings (IPOs) of stocks involve risks and the possibility of financial loss for investors, it is impossible to make a blanket generalization regarding which is safer.

Do All Crypto Projects Have Native Token Generation Events?

For various reasons, token creation processes aren’t always built in from the start of any crypto project. Companies can generate capital through token generation events by releasing their own digital currency, often known as an initial coin offering (ICO) coin or token. It’s possible that some cryptocurrency ventures may opt to forgo the ICO in favor of more conventional fundraising mechanisms like venture capital or public stock sales.

Is Initial Exchange Offering Safer Than Initial Coin Offering?

Initial coin offerings and initial exchange offerings both expose investors to the potential for financial loss. Investors should weigh their risk tolerance and financial ambitions against each other before making any major investing decisions.