3 Ways That the New Economy Is a Massive Scam! Do You Agree?

What do you think about the statement, “The new economy is a scam?”

Tweeter Not Jerome Powell posted the message:

“Uber is more expensive than a taxi. Airbnb is more expensive than a hotel. Streaming is more expensive than Cable. The new economy is a scam.” Twitter erupted with a response. Here is what the internet is saying.

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People In Agreeance It’s a Scam

Alexis Edison suggested, “They started cheaper came with incentives and conveniences until we got sucked in, and now you are right, scam, their costs are going up and up.”

“Even as a person on the receiving end, I am receiving less from Airbnb for the same fees I charge because they came up with new fees.”

Patrick agreed and explained, “Sure, they’ve been taxed and regulated to make them more expensive than their deeply entrenched influential competitors.”

Gia Liu added, “I took my first taxi after seven years. I was in Vegas for CES. Uber: $35+ Taxi: $12. We’re going backward.”

KΞVIN URRUTIA stated, “Airbnb prices are insane now. Hotels are a better deal!”

People Who Disagreed

Michael Boese expressed disagreement, “My experience is the opposite. Uber, Airbnb, and streaming are cheaper. I guess this depends on where you live and how you shop.”

Avik Bose retorted, “Uber is easier to avail than a taxi. Airbnb is easier to search for and book than a hotel. Streaming gives us better-quality shows than cable. The new economy is about saving time and accessibility to more resources.”

Michael Lewin argued, “Convenience and flexibility come with a cost, and there was a market for it. Taxis, hotels, and cable didn’t just disappear. Still all available. If anything, they have been forced to get more competitive. This is a hot take that doesn’t pan out.”

Appalachian argued, “Not true. The way I work, sometimes I’m in a hotel for MONTHS. I’ve rented whole Airbnb houses for about what I would pay for a hotel without worrying about breaking a lease or furnishing a place if I had just rented one.”

Indomitus said, “Sweeping statements tend to be wrong. That might be the case in some countries.”

“Still, in my experience, for example, in Portugal, France, Latvia, Prague, Budapest, Africa, Zimbabwe, Indonesia, Mozambique, and many others, Airbnb and Uber are cheaper and more convenient.”

Mixed Reviews

Brian Stoffel added, “Uber and streaming are more expensive because they HAVE to be Airbnb is more expensive because it CAN be (hosts set prices, not HQ — as with Uber and streaming).”

Kihara Kimachia asked, “Really? This may be true for Netflix and other streaming services but for Uber and Uber-like services, in most countries, more providers lead to a greater supply, e.g.

More taxis on the roads, more hotel options, and ultimately a drastic price drop. So the new economy is real.”

Something to Think About

Main Street Investor informed users, ‘Uber and Lyft squash racism.. try being black and hail a taxi in NYC! Airbnb provides privacy and a sense of ownership and independence, and space. Streaming is a better a la crate, but I like it as an add-on, not a replacement.”

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Final Thoughts

Finally, Ryan Barredo asked what we’re all wondering, “The question is would you go back to a taxi, a hotel, or a cable – given the convenience you get from the new platforms?”

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