3 Magnificent Mutual Funds to Maximize Your Retirement Portfolio

Investing in mutual funds for retirement is never too late. And the Zacks Mutual Fund Rank can be an excellent tool for investors looking to invest in the best funds.

The easiest way to judge a mutual fund’s quality over time is by analyzing its performance, diversification, and fees. Using the Zacks Mutual Fund Rank of over 19,000 mutual funds, we’ve identified three outstanding mutual funds that are ideally suited to help long-term investors pursue and achieve their retirement investing goals.

Let’s break down some of the mutual funds with the top Zacks Mutual Fund Rank and the lowest fees.

If you are looking to diversify your portfolio, consider Bridgeway Small Cap Value N (BRSVX). BRSVX is a Small Cap Value mutual fund option, which typically invest in companies with market caps under $2 billion. This fund is a winner, boasting an expense ratio of 0.83%, management fee of 0.61%, and a five-year annualized return track record of 11.63%.

Calvert Equity Portfolio A (CSIEX) is a stand out amongst its peers. CSIEX is a Large Cap Growth option; these mutual funds purchase stakes in numerous large U.S. companies that are expected to develop and grow at a faster rate than other large-cap stocks. With five-year annualized performance of 13.62%, expense ratio of 0.91% and management fee of 0.55%, this diversified fund is an attractive buy with a strong history of performance.

Elfun Trusts (ELFNX): 0.18% expense ratio and 0.14% management fee. ELFNX is classified as a Large Cap Blend fund. More often than not, Large Cap Blend mutual funds invest in companies with a market cap of over $10 billion. Buying stakes in bigger companies offer these funds more stability, and are well-suited for investors with a “buy and hold” mindset. The fund is mainly invested in equities, has a long reputation of salutary performance, and has yearly returns of 10.28% over the last five years.

These examples highlight the fact that there are some astonishingly good mutual funds out there. If your advisor has you in the good ones, bravo! If not, you may need to have a talk.

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