Spurs expected to get ‘significant’ trade offers for Jakob Poeltl

The San Antonio Spurs’ objectives to lose and develop young talent are going according to plan. They are 13-30 and seeing key young players like Devin Vassell, Keldon Johnson and Tre Jones take sizable leaps in their games. The next order of business is to discuss potential trades regarding their veterans, notably Jakob Poeltl.

Aside from Poeltl, the Spurs don’t have many other veterans that could net them serious assets in a trade. The bidding war for the 27-year-old big man could get hot as the trade deadline approaches, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN.

Wojnarowski said that he thinks Poeltl will be “one of the real pivotal players at the NBA trade deadline. You saw in recent years, there was not as much of a market for centers. That’s changed this year. There’s a lot of interest in Poeltl and there are a lot of teams I think, for San Antonio, they’re gonna make the kinds of offers that they may want to move him…I think you’re going to see at the trade deadline, for Poeltl, some real, significant offers.”

In games this season, Poeltl is averaging 12.1 points. 9.5 rebounds and 2.9 assists per game while shooting 62.4 percent from the field. His reliable play has been huge for the Spurs, especially following an injury to Vassell. Finding the right trade for him would be huge as they look to rebuild around their youth.

The Spurs likely won’t look to dump Jakob Poeltl for whatever they can get, as his value to the team is significant. But they will surely keep him, Doug McDermott and Josh Richardson in trade talks as they continue embarking on a tank.