5 reasons to invest in gemstones over diamonds

Investing in precious diamonds and stones is always a good idea. And while we all concede with the fact that investment in gold can never fail, choosing between diamond and gemstones can be a tough call. Both look very sparkling, not just literally but in terms of their returns. But investing in a precious gemstone is is somewhat similar to the act of investing in art pieces. However, experts suggests to choose gemstones over diamonds to invest. Milind Mathur, creative director & partner at Kohinoor Jewellers Agra gives five interesting reasons and cautions to invest in gemstones over diamonds.


Authenticity is one of the major concerns while investing in gemstones. Fraudsters are experts in creating an artificial gemstone that might look exactly like the authentic one, hence, an expert opinion is highly recommended. Always make sure that a certificate from a trusted gemological institute is presented before purchase. Also, follow your intuitions, and if anything seems suspicious, refrain from it.

Colour recognition

While investing in gemstones, colour obviously plays one of the most crucial roles. Hence, it is important to make sure that the colour of the gems is pure and no mixture of shades is found. For example, in the case of blue gemstones, one should know that the colour varies from bluish to green. It is advisable to note some basic facts before investing, such as the color of a gemstone is based on its hue, saturation, as well as tone. One should always check the tone and saturation first, which must be higher; so that, the colour comes up better and purer.

Value and growth

It’s crucial to understand why colourful gemstones retain as well as even grow in value. The top reasons are because they are beautiful, unique, and are desired by everyone. Proper research should be done before deciding to invest in a colourful gemstones, such as what’s the recent valuation, how unique it is, and what are all the factors that might impact its future valuation.

Shop around and compare

It is always advisable to shop around for a gemstone rather than stopping at your first choice. You never know if you might find something even better on your next stop! Also, pricing is subjective, so shopping around can be really beneficial.

Don’t look for perfection

Everyone craves perfection, especially while investing their money in something. Yes, perfect gemstones make the best investments, but that doesn’t always mean one should not consider gemstones that aren’t perfect. It might be true that they won’t net the highest price when one decides to cash in on their investment, but high-quality stones –even if they are imperfect — will appreciate in value and attract interested buyers. One should keep track of the market trend and also find out which inclusions are acceptable and which aren’t.

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