SIP: Invest Rs 333 PD in this TATA mutual fund, build Rs 70 lakh corpus

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Mutual funds are subject to market risk. However, it is a calculated risk. In most cases, mutual fund SIPs prove to be great wealth generators. Systematic Investment Plans (SIP) mostly give good terms in long-term investments. This money can be used for buying houses, funding children’s education and marriages or taking care of any long-term financial goal. A massive sum of money can be amassed by investing just a few hundred rupees per day. Mutual fund SIPs are great instruments for wealth generation. For instance, Tata Group’s mutual fund has proven to be a safer bet in the financial market. The name of this fund is Tata Infrastructure Fund. It is an open ended equity scheme. It focuses on Indian infrastructure companies and equity-related securities.

Morning Star and Value Research, world renowned ratings agency, has accorded this fund the four-star rating. Tata Infrastructure fund has completed 18 years in the market. It was launched on December 31, 2004. It has given a whopping 31 percent yearly over the last three years. 

Those who invested Rs 333 per day, have amassed a wealth of over Rs 70 lakh. These calculations are based on the fund’s performance over the last 18 years. Health warning: Please consult experts before investing your hard earned money. This article is for information purposes only.

Tata Infrastructure Fund gave a healthy return of 20.72 percent last year. If you have invested Rs 3.60 lakh over the last three years, you would have collected Rs 5.64 lakh.

If you had invested Rs 10000 every month over the last 5 years then your corpus would have been Rs 10.15 lakh at an investment of Rs 6 lakh. If we talk about the last 10 years returns, if you had invested Rs 10000 per month, your investment of Rs 12 lakh would have become Rs 27.18 lakh. The return is over 15 percent.

If you had invested Rs 10,000 every month for 18 years, your investment of Rs 21.40 lakh would have become Rs 69.57 lakh.