8 Best Crypto Presales And Pre-Icos To Invest In 2023

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New York, NY | January 12, 2023 04:03 PM Eastern Standard Time

Projects in the presale stage can present an opportunity for crypto investors to make profitable gains. This is because pre-ICO tokens can be purchased at a huge discount before they hit a crypto exchange.

New projects are announced regularly, making it hard for crypto investors to keep tabs on what’s likely to blow up. As such, we will evaluate the best cryptocurrency presales to invest in for 2023.

8 Best Crypto Presales to Invest in 2023

Based on a range of metrics, we’ve ranked the best crypto ICOs for 2023 below:

  • meta masters guild (memag) Overall Best Crypto Presale in 2023 with Trending P2E Project
  • fight out (fght) Presale Crypto Project Combining Fitness With the Metaverse – Stage One Has Raised Over $2.8 Million
  • c+charge (cchg) Blockchain Presale Hoping to be the Future of EV Payment Networks
  • RobotEra (TARO) – Rebuild the Virtual Planet in Sandbox-Like P2E Gaming Metaverse
  • Calvaria (RIA) – Take Collectable NFTs to Battle in an Immersive P2E Card Game – Over $2.7 million Raised so Far
  • LuxWorld (LUX) – Travel to Earn Crypto Presale Combining SocialFi and Tourism
  • ASTL (ASTL) – Fragmented Crypto Mining Using AI and Green Tech
  • Incentive (INC) – Earn Rewards Through Surveys Best Crypto Presales in 2023 – Full Analysis

    To find out more about the upcoming initial coin offerings listed above, read on.

    This analysis will shed light on what each project is all about, as well as partnerships, tokenomics, and other important information investors may want to know.

    1. Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG) – Overall Best Crypto Presale for 2023

    Meta Masters Guild, or memag , is a mobile-centric Web3 P2E (play to earn) project. The platform’s mission is to develop a decentralized crypto-gaming ecosystem. Players will also be able to earn rewards for their contribution to the ecosystem.

    The main currency of this upcoming project is called MEMAG. Our research suggests that this is shaping up to be one of the best crypto ICOs for 2023. Early investors can buy MEMAG at a discounted price of just $0.007 per token as of writing.

    In the next phase, tokens will increase in price, which is why presale crypto projects present early investors with a chance to secure a profit. MEMAG will cost $0.01 per token in stage two of the presale and will continue to increase in each phase.

    As such, investors who buy tokens now will pay almost 43% less than those who elect to gain exposure during stage two. Although MEMAG is the main currency, rewards handed out during gameplay are offered in GEMS.

    GEMS can be swapped for MEMAG tokens or other crypto assets with ease, such as Ethereum and Tether. GEMS can also be used to buy unique NFTs. According to the whitepaper, blockchain-integrated mobile titles will include Raid NFT, which is a turn-based fighting game.

    Using Meta Kart Racers as an example, players will be able to complete challenges to earn rewards in the form of GEMS. Players will be able to upgrade their drivers and karts in the game.

    This will increase the player’s chance of climbing higher on the leaderboard, which in turn enables them to earn crypto rewards and rare playable NFTs. The whole MEMAG ecosystem is incentivized. In-game rewards and NFTs can also be staked to allow players to earn a passive income.

    In order to opt into this, the player will need to agree to lock up their tokens for a specific amount of time to generate a monthly yield. As with many of the upcoming initial coin offerings we’ll talk about today, memag is part of an ecosystem that includes a metaverse.

    The native metaverse here is called Meta Masters World. According to the whitepaper, this doubles up as a P2E open-world game. Here, players can explore, enter competitions, gather resources, and more.

    There will eventually be a marketplace where MEMAG and NFT holders will be able to buy, sell and trade in-game items with one another. We looked at the tokenomics of MEMAG and found that the supply is capped at one billion tokens.

    Community contributors will regularly be given the chance to win MEMAG. For more information prospective buyers can read the litepaper and join the memag telegram group .

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    2. Fight Out (FGHT) – Presale Crypto Project Combining Fitness With the Metaverse – Stage One Has Raised Over $2.8 Million

    fight out is one of the best upcoming crypto ICOs for 2023. The project is focused on combining elements of the metaverse with incentivized fitness and endurance. Those that take part in this project can earn crypto, simply for being physically active.

    This concept is called M2E (Move to Earn) and, like P2E, it’s taking the crypto world by storm. The utility token that powers the ecosystem is called FGHT. Meanwhile, the crypto that members are rewarded in is REPS.

    FGHT is the best upcoming ICO for investors who foresee the M2E trend continuing to gain traction. As of writing, early investors can buy FGHT during the first stage of presale at $0.0166 each. When listed on a CEX, tokens will be priced at $0.0333.

    The Fight Out crypto roadmap includes creating a gym within its own metaverse. Here, members of the community can use crypto to pay for gym memberships, vitamins, and one-on-one training sessions.

    The Fight Out cell phone app will track participants’ real-life workout sessions. As the player advances, this will increase the avatar’s stats. The avatar in question will be a soulbound NFT. Each is unique to the owner and cannot be sold or traded.

    The Fight Out app will allow players to follow workouts that have been specifically tailored to them. When a player has completed each workout routine, they automatically level up and earn digital rewards.

    They can also enter tournaments, and socialize with other Fight Out community members. The roadmap includes special ‘fight modes’. This will allow players to battle against others to win titles and their share of prize pools.

    As we touched on, rewards are given in REPS. This reward token can be used to purchase merchandise, private sessions, and NFT cosmetics. NFT cosmetics allow the player to create an avatar that is unique to their character.

    This means they can purchase tattoos, gym wear, hairstyles, and makeup to personalize their Fight Out experience. This project already has some top MMA fighters and other professional athletes on board as ambassadors.

    Mental toughness, cardio, wellness, physical endurance, and strength will be some of the key areas of emphasis of this upcoming ICO. Investors will receive a 25% discount by subscribing using the project’s native token, FGHT.

    The virtual fitness market was valued at around $6 billion in 2019. By 2027, Fight Out expects this industry to be worth over $59 billion. Those who believe this is the best crypto presale to invest in can check out the fight out whitepaper and join the fight out telegram group for more information.

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    3. C+Charge (CCHG) – Blockchain Presale Hoping to be the Future of EV Payment Networks

    c+charge is one of the most exciting new crypto ICOs for those interested in carbon credits or lessening their impact on the planet. The project is currently developing an EV charging station peer-to-peer (P2P) payment system utilizing cryptography.

    Each EV charge will be funded by CCHG tokens, which also drive the C+Charge ecosystem. As such, CCHG is among the best crypto presales in 2023 for investors looking for environmentally-conscious projects.

    At the time of writing, investors can still lock in CCHG tokens on presale, at a discounted price of $0.013 each. Once the project moves on to the next stage of its presale campaign, it will cost $0.0165 per CCHG token. That represents an increase of almost 27%.

    CCHG is classed as a utility token. Not only can it be used to pay for charging EVs, but in turn, users will be awarded carbon credits. Here’s how it works; EV owners use the C+Charge network and CCHG tokens to charge and operate their EVs.

    The more C+Charge tokens they use to power their EVs, the higher the number of carbon credits they will acquire. A token will be taken out of circulation each time it is used to pay for a charge.

    This new feature will allow for a steady supply of demand in the network. Moreover, according to the whitepaper, 1% of transactions will be used to buy carbon credits, which will then be proportionally given to CCHG token holders.

    The C+Charge network and software will be able to communicate with the international standard used to operate charging stations. This is thanks to its compliance with OCPP 2.0. Furthermore, C+Charge is working on collaborating with a variety of well-known EV businesses.

    For example, C+Charge is collaborating with Phihong to provide charging technology for its stations. To meet its stations’ technological needs, C+Charge is also collaborating with AmpUp. Other notable partners include Flowcarbon, and CLS Global, among others.

    All voluntary carbon credits are backed by Invesco, Samsung Next, and a16z crypto. The roadmap for this EV payment project includes connecting with EV automakers, finding stations to add to the network, hardware partnerships, and more.

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    4. RobotEra (TARO) – Rebuild the Virtual Planet in Sandbox-Like P2E Gaming Metaverse

    robotera is backed by TARO, one of the best upcoming initial coin offerings for fans of P2E games. Those who like the popular game Sandbox will likely be interested in this presale opportunity.

    RobotEra is in stage one of its presale campaign, which allows investors to buy TARO tokens at $0.020 each.

    This price can only be locked in for a limited amount of time. When the second phase of the presale has started, investors will still be able to buy tokens at a discount. However, TARO will be priced 25% higher at $0.025 each.

    The game itself focuses on a metaverse galaxy theme where robots are in control. The web3 metaverse transforms players into robots, which are the main NFTs in RobotEra. Seven factions are included in the P2E game, each with unique characteristics.

    Players can harvest materials from various planets within the RobotEra metaverse, take care of their own farms, build robots, and much more. Additionally, players can try to earn rewards by completing quests in the Central City.

    Within this alternate universe, players will have access to museums, theme parks, concert halls, and more to keep them entertained. As we mentioned, all robots are NFTs. Like when playing Sandbox, gamers can also buy virtual land parcels.

    In this metaverse, holding a Robot NFT will provide players with the opportunity to mint land because they are individual NFTs. This is the players’ land. As they own the NFT, they are free to use their creativity to build lavish subterranean mansions, gardens, business establishments, and more.

    Players can mine resources under the land and rent out the buildings they construct. By utilizing the machine component and robot workbench, players can also create, and manufacture parts to develop bot companions.

    According to the platform, robot companions can be used by players to dig on the land for parts and power blocks. This allows them to build factories that will generate various types of robot companions.

    Additionally, robot companions present players with another opportunity. Once built, they can be sold to other players in the RobotEra marketplace.

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    5. Calvaria (RIA) – Take Collectable NFTs to Battle in an Immersive P2E Card Game – Over $2.7 Million Raised so Far

    calvaria is another of the upcoming crypto ICOs in 2023 that will be attractive to P2E gamers. The platform includes an exciting collectible card game whereby players’ NFTs can be taken to battle.

    The game is called Duels of Eternity and offers a plethora of benefits. This will include a P2E marketplace, free gameplay, a mobile app, a scholarship system, 3D characters, and story mode. The Calvaria universe includes three unique factions that are at war with one another.

    These fractions are Miaqilia, Void, and Archilla Divina. The cards within the game are different characters with a range of abilities and characteristics. Duels of Eternity is fundamentally a competitive strategy game.

    As such, the main objective of a player is to outsmart their rivals and get to the top of the leaderboard. To achieve this, they must assemble the most powerful set of cards they can. They’ve also got to choose the right order in which to play them, whilst making effective use of their abilities.

    Strategic positioning card upgrades can also be used to get ahead of components at Calvaria. All features and functionalities of the game are unlocked and available for free. That said, purchasing an NFT deck of cards is necessary.

    If they don’t buy NFTs, the player cannot earn free eRIA tokens during gameplay. Players may also utilize the resources they have accrued from in-game purchases to boost their chances of winning competitions against others.

    Power-ups, individual NFTs, and full decks may be purchased from Calvaria’s marketplace. Earned tokens can also be held or sold in the marketplace depending on the players’ preference.

    The Calvaria ecosystem is backed by RIA tokens. RIA is the best crypto presale to invest in right now before the price increase. Early investors can still lock in a price of $1 per 30.77 RIA. The project is over 80% through stage five of its presale campaign.

    As such, investors who like the sound of this new crypto ICO will need to move fast. The presale campaign has raised more than $2.7 million so far.

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    6. LuxWorld (LUX) – Travel to Earn Crypto Presale Combining SocialFi and Tourism

    Investors who still haven’t found the best ICO crypto for their portfolio shouldn’t overlook LuxWorld. This project has a T2E (travel to earn) model that’s backed by LUX tokens. The presale is in stage four and has so far raised $1.5 million.

    As of writing, early investors can buy 125 LUX tokens for $1. The LuxWorld platform aims to integrate the potential of blockchain technology with the tourism sector. One of the main themes of this web3 T2E app is Social-Fi.

    For those unaware, this is a system of social networking and financial incentives. The goal is to foster the development of decentralized social media apps and combine them with a community of content creators.

    Members of the LuxWorld community can earn LUX tokens by purchasing luggage NTFs and checking in while traveling. LuxWorld has partnered with multiple businesses thus far. This includes 5km, an M2E climate change app developer.

    The LUX token supply is capped at two billion.

    7. ASTL (ASTL) – Fragmented Crypto Mining Using AI and Green Tech

    ASTL is a new token project developed by Hong Kong-based Astol Advanced Limited where owners invest in fragmented crypto mining rigs.

    Rather than purchase and run expensive mining rigs themselves, investors purchase ASTL tokens which grant them monthly rewards while the project mine crypto.

    There are three different levels of regards – Light, Classic and Rich – which offer investors fixed ROI. Light, is for those who invest up to $1,499 and returns up to 9.5% ROI with payouts in USDT each month.

    At the other end of the scale is classic, which is for investors who spend more than $5,000 and receive a fixed return up to 11% with USDT payouts daily.

    Astol, which has a doxxed and verified team, has its own mining centre – based in Tver, Russia – with energy consumed through green sources and monitored via AI, close to a power plant that offers an uninterrupted power supply.

    ASTL tokens are currently available for $0.25 each and will increase in price to $0.30 in the final stage.

    8. Incentive (INC) – Earn Rewards Through Surveys

    Incentive tokens allow users to earn tokens through surveys and questionnaires.

    It has also been built with businesses and companies in mind as an easy and convenient way to create their own surveys and get quick feedback on new products and services.

    The protocol will benefit from being based on Polygon, which allows for super-fast, secure and provable transactions.

    Incentive is also owned through a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), which means the community has governance rights on the future of the project. However, the developing team is

    Rewards haven’t been set, with individual companies responsible for what users earn on surveys.

    INC tokens are currently on sale for $0.01 each.


    That concludes this guide on the best cryptocurrency presales to invest in for 2023. When looking for upcoming ICOs with lots of potential – we ensure each project has been audited and verified.

    The overall best presale cryptocurrency is MEMAG, which powers an exciting new play-and-earn gaming guild.

    This mobile gaming guild features playable NFTs. It also allows players to earn, stake, and trade within its ecosystem.

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