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Gold Rate Today In Kochi

The price of gold is different across Indian states and cities. Forbes Advisor has put together the gold price of one and 10 grams of 24-Carat and 22-Carat pure gold in Kochi today, as of 9:33 am.  

24 Carat Gold Price In Kochi Today

22 Carat Gold Price In Kochi Today

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Where to Buy Gold in Kochi?

Physical gold and gold saving schemes

Physical gold can be bought from dealers as well as eCommerce sites. Financial institutions, such as banks and NBFCs, also avail of the facility to buy or invest in gold coins. Gold saving schemes are offered by retailers for purchase of gold upon monthly installment for a specific tenure, and jewelers pay the last installment as a cash incentive.

Sovereign gold bonds

RBI issues SGBs as well as notifies the terms and conditions, calendar for subscription, its rate. The value of one bond is 1 gram of gold. An individual can subscribe to a minimum of 1 gram of gold up to 4 kgs.

Digital gold

The method of buying gold digitally involves various forms of investing including:

  • Gold exchange traded funds (ETFs): Stock exchanges allow traders to invest in the stock-like mechanism with value based on gold prices and gold bullion. One gold ETF unit is equal to 1 gram of gold and is backed by pure physical gold.
  • Gold accumulation plan: Mobile wallets as well as Gold Rush plan of Stock Holding Corporation of India offers to buy digital gold that allow customers to buy and accumulate gold safely without any concern or worry.

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Where to Sell Gold in Kochi?

Retailers and dealers offer to buy gold from individuals in a certain amount upon verifying the bill of purchase. Loans can also be obtained from banks and NBFCs against gold as collateral. The interest rates on gold loans vary among banks on the basis of factors like weight of the jewelry, value (ranging from 18K to 24K), repayment period, to name a few.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the price of gold in Kerala?

Gold prices in India vary among states and even cities due to factors including transportation costs, discount on bulk purchase, cost added by jewelers, and other taxes. Today’s price of gold in the city of Kochi in Kerala is INR 4,766 for 1 gram of pure 24K gold and INR 43,689 for 1 gram of pure 22K gold.

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