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Before You Invest In Solana Or NEAR Protocol, Check Out Big Eyes Coin And Its Potential To Mint 100x Returns

If you have been tracking the business news channels, you might have heard about the impressive surge in cryptocurrency prices. The success story of cryptocurrencies comes after years of being considered too risky as an asset. Built on blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies and meme coins have affected a massive change in the financial services ecosystem by giving investors an option to invest without depending on third-party institutions like banks and brokerage firms. 

Moreover, the popularity of cryptocurrencies is the perfect push that blockchain innovators needed for building new products with varied use cases. Hence, you can now build dApps, contribute to charitable causes, and even make cross-border payments with cryptocurrency platforms. If you are a rookie investor who’s looking for good crypto options, you can always start by researching some of the top names like Big Eyes Coin (BIG), Solana (SOL), and NEAR Protocol (NEAR). Once you’re satisfied with a particular cryptocurrency’s prospects, you can go ahead and invest in them. 

How Big Eyes Coin Aims To Disrupt The DeFi Ecosystem
Big Eyes is a meme coin that has set the cryptocurrency market abuzz even before its launch with its niche features that have the potential of reinventing the decentralized ecosystem. The meme coin aims to make it easier for investors to switch to decentralized finance for investment and income and wealth generation. It has a native token called BIG which can be used for staking, paying charges, and other transactional use cases. 

The inspiration behind Big Eyes is a cat who was often called cute because of his big eyes. But the cat always thought being cute was a weakness as it meant that he was too meek for the world. It took a series of unfortunate events that included a sea voyage, a trip to Japan, and lots of meditation and yoga for him to realize his cuteness would very well be his strength. He realized he could inspire memes and earn millions every year. And, as they say, the rest is history.

If you want to purchase the BIG Token on presale, the process is fairly simple. In the first step, just ensure that you have an activated digital wallet like MetaMask or any other option that’s compatible with WalletConnect if you are using a mobile browser. The Big Eyes team recommends MetaMask for desktops and Trust Wallet for mobile browsers for a smooth experience. Next, users have to choose the payment method and make the payment. 

If a buyer is using a debit or credit card for the transaction, they would first have to buy ETH Tokens and then use them to purchase BIG Tokens. As per rules, a buyer needs to have at least $15 worth of ETH Tokens to be able to purchase the minimum quantity of BIG Tokens permissible by the platform. They will be able to claim their purchased tokens once the public presale ends.

Solana-based ‘ABC’ NFT series sales soar
With Solana, developers can look forward to building not just scalable and cost-effective but also user-friendly dApps. It also has a native token SOL that comes in handy while dealing with transactional purposes like staking, paying charges, and earning rewards. One of the key reasons why Solana is among the most preferred platforms for scaling dApps on a global level is because it can maintain a single state while a network is scaling. The feature helps minimize the occurrence of problems like fragment Layer 1 and sharded blockchains. Recently, an NFT series built on the Solana network ‘ABC’ became the most-traded collection on September 7, leaving popular options like ‘Bored Apes’ behind.

NEAR Protocol launches its SDK for Javascript developers
NEAR Protocol is a decentralized platform for building Ethereum-friendly dApps that can be adopted by the masses easily. The carbon-neutral platform has a native token NEAR that can be used for staking and other similar transactional purposes. Moreover, the use of nightshade sharding – a technique that uses fewer validator nodes for sharding – ensures building dApps on NEAR Protocol is cost-effective. Recently, NEAR Protocol announced that its software development kit for Javascript developers was live. The platform stated that the SDK had the potential of building tools that could power the future of Web 3.0

While Solana and NEAR Protocol have demonstrated their potential for drawing investors over time, Big Eyes has an edge over these two options because of its user-friendly platform and policy of incentivized participation. The more the users engage with the platform, the higher will be their rewards. Also, rewards will be in terms of NFTs and BIG Tokens.




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