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Scripbox announces wealth management services tailored to defence personnel

Scripbox, a digital wealth management platform in India on Thursday announced the launch of Jai Hind, wealth management services exclusively for the country’s defence personnel.

The wealth management services are tailored to the needs and aspirations of India’s defence personnel. As a token of gratitude in recognition of their service to the nation, the company is offering curated wealth management plans that will help them “to be financially savvy and future ready,” it said in a statement.

Scripbox will leverage its technology-led financial services to equip defence personnel with customised financial plans along with a personalised investing experience with advisors at hand.

“Traditionally, defence personnel have been more inclined to invest in financial products that may not be the most beneficial for incremental growth,” said Atul Shinghal, Founder & CEO of Scripbox.

“Defence personnel who may be retiring at different ages given their service tenures, would value tremendously by creating a financial plan to help meet goals at different life stages, such as children’s education, buying a home, holidays, building an emergency corpus and retiring confident,” said Shinghal.

Scripbox is introducing three customised plans for defence personnel – Beyond Pension, Retire Better and Retirement Shield.

“Beyond Pension will allow them to make small investments today that can help generate a second income equivalent to the estimated pension after retirement,” it explained.

Retire Better will help active defence personnel get to a corpus of ₹50 lakh to ₹1 crore or before they retire by investing small amounts while in service.

“Retirement Shield is meant for retired defence personnel or those who are about to retire to get more out of their retirement funds,” it said.

“On retirement, defence personnel receive an accumulated corpus that can be strategically invested for a worry-free retirement. Under this plan, Scripbox offers one to one support for goal planning and portfolio management that takes into account liquidity requirements,” it further explained.