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Jade Road Investments expands its horizons

Jade Road Investments Limited (LON:JADE) is expanding its investment horizons to include Asian high-growth companies.

The pan-Asian diversified investment vehicle said it would look at investing in unlisted companies as well as listed companies, with a preference for the health-tech, med-tech and fin-tech sectors.

The total allocation of funds under this expanded investment focus will be no more than 10% of Jade Road’s present net asset value (at the end of 2020 this stood at US$106.4mln) and no more than 20% once the net asset value exceeds US$150mln.

Investments in each company will not exceed 5% of the total allocation, Jade said. Potential investments will be sourced through brokers and financial institutions as well as through various networks established on the ground in Asia by the company’s directors and its investment manager, Harmony Capital.

“With many high growth start-ups staying private longer, access to these companies has been out of reach for the average investor. Jade Road is uniquely poised to eliminate the barriers to investing in these start-ups and provide investors with access to these opportunities of potential high returns,” said John Croft, the chairman of Jade Road.