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‘Gutfeld!’ on Fauci, media coverage of Trump

This is a rush transcript from “Gutfeld!” June 10, 2021. This copy may not be in its final form and may be updated.


ALISYN CAMEROTA, CNN HOST: In October, you were on a Zoom call with your colleagues from The New Yorker magazine. Everyone took a break for several minutes during which time you were caught masturbating on camera. You were subsequently fired from that job after 27 years of working there. And you since then have been on leave from CNN. Do I have all that right?

JEFFREY TOOBIN, CNN LEGAL ANALYST: You got it all right. Sad to say.


GREG GUTFELD, FOX NEWS HOST: Both hands on the desk, please, Jeffrey.

Welcome back. I’m Greg Gutfeld. Or as the police like to call me, recidivists subway flasher. We’ve got a great panel today. Kat is still here even after what the cops say was a terrible pool float incident.



GUTFELD: Your dad laughing like that. Got to hand it to Kat though like that rash I got from that teddy bear I found on the train tracks. She keeps coming back. Former NHL player Sean Avery is here. That’s hockey, right? Plus, my fellow sports commentator, Clay Travis is with us. Sean and Clay decided to share a ride to the studio today.




GUTFELD: Yes. And there is the return of Julie Banderas which is about as welcome as another leak from the Wuhan lab. Boy, boy, did she have a wild afternoon in the park today?



JULIE BANDERAS, FOX NEWS HOST: Oh, Jesus. I good so look in those shorts though.

GUTFELD: You really did. I hope you’re taking aspirin and you’re hydrating.

BANDERAS: I’m fine.

GUTFELD: As for me, I’m great I had an awesome workout before I got my haircut this afternoon.




BANDERAS: Oh my god.

GUTFELD: That’s all natural. So, here’s a question. How many media screw ups do you need to hear before you realize it’s deliberate? How many times does Wolf Blitzer get to cry wolf? Every week an explosive story we are told was true turns out to be as false as Julie’s eyelashes. Today’s big lie, the story of how President Donald Trump ordered Lafayette Square cleared with tear gas to vacate peaceful protesters for a callus photo op. The Press covered it with a cicada like fervor.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The Secretary of Defense in a photo op in front of a church after these peaceful protesters had been brutalized because of the President’s plans.

ERIN BURNETT, CNN HOST: The President wanted this photo op and he wanted to disperse that crowd because he is, you know, he wants an image of this — all of these protests being one thing which is violent.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Why does Trump everyone else’s rights as a U.S. citizen to be in those streets outside the White House? Why did they get tear gassed? You know, and Trump gets a photo op.


GUTFELD: These guys are more full of crap than a septic tank and a bean factory. You know what I’m talking about, Julie?


GUTFELD: In fact, the inspector general’s report on the matter concluded, I have to read this whole thing. We found that the USPP had the authority and discretion to clear the park and the surrounding areas on June 1st. The evidence we obtained did not support a finding that the USPP cleared the park to allow the president to survey the damage and walk to St. John’s Church. Instead, the evidence we reviewed showed that the USPP cleared the park to allow the contractor to safely install the antiscale fencing.

Now you’d expect those media hacks to walk it all back, but our media can barely walk at all. I wonder if CNN is covering this.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You know, I think like 5000 cicadas taste just like shrimp.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Oh yes. They didn’t serve these at weddings.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It seems like Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Captain Crunch had a baby.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Oh, a delicious baby.


GUTFELD: Just another CNN cooking segment for the homeless. Now this is just one lie but it’s part of an ongoing delouse. Delouse of lie so endless you can’t keep track of them all. It’s like Lucy and Ethel at the candy factory assembly line. I’m old. Oh, they keep an audience angry and distracted. During the 2020 election, false stories were constantly repeated by the Dems in media, and it worked. Biden got elected.

Meanwhile, the Washington Post one journalism’s equivalent of the Stanley Cup, see what I did there, Sean? For their video timeline of the made-up photo op. I wonder what the angry white male has to say.


TOM SHILLUE, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: I don’t expect to retraction. I don’t even want one. I didn’t believe that story when it came out. Now, I like to keep my relationship with the mainstream media exactly where it is. You guys keep writing stories. I’ll keep ignoring them.


GUTFELD: You’ve heard of fan fiction. Well, this is hate fiction. No different than the fine people on both sides of this issue hoax, which Joe Biden says inspired him to run for office. But there’s so many others. Remember when time reporters Zeke Miller wrote that a bust of Martin Luther King Jr. had been removed from the Oval Office. Outrage ensued but it turns out the bust had been there all along. He just hadn’t seen it.

I guess the bust of famous black people all look alike to Miller. How about when the media were convinced Trump had photoshopped his hands to make them look bigger for a White House picture? they bought that. Or when the press said that Trump threatened to invade Mexico. These people lie more than I did when I was dating. Then there was the tale of Trump killing the fish in the White House koi pond by overfeeding them.

And then Trump renaming Black History Month and Trump easing Russian sanctions, Trump recommending injecting bleach into your veins to beat COVID. All lies but were reported as facts. Then there’s stuff that don’t involve Trump but harmed you. The dismissal of spikes and violence across the country to protect the defund the cop’s narrative. The demonization of law enforcement in the white washing of criminal past to maintain victim status.

All is choreographed as Lady Gaga as backup dancers. If I started listing all of these fake fables, we’d have to preempt tomorrow’s Fox and Friends which would piss up Brian Kilmeade because he just got a perm. I get it. I’m getting tired of my own ravings about the media, but I can’t stop. This is the only industry designed to lie and then create awards to champion their lies. It’s the only industry that ruins careers and futures just for the hell of it.

And unlike the corporate media, I am not exaggerating. You don’t have to like Trump or be Republican or be anything at all to be wary of the punitive power of the press. Like a serial killer on the loose. They think they can get away with (BLEEP) because they always do. It’s why every day you must doubt what you hear, including from me. As unlikely as such a thing sounds, I’d love for you to prove me wrong because believe it or not, I can be wrong. Who am I kidding? I’ve never wrong.


GUTFELD: Let’s welcome tonight’s guests. If Fox News was a boat, she’d be the weekend anchor. Fox News anchor Julian Banderas. He’s made his sport out of tormenting leftist. founder and Fox Sports Contributor, Clay Travis. He’s the main reason this show needs to have a penalty box. Former NHL player Sean Avery. And her preferred pronouns are me and first. Fox News Contributor, Kat Timpf.

So, Julie, you claimed to be a news anchor but it’s on the weekend. So, we can’t have it. We don’t have any proof. Why do the anchors have such a hard time reporting the truth?

BANDERAS: Well, it depends where you work. So, we’re — like allegedly, like if I’m just the news let’s — let me play a news anchor for a second. Where do I work? Like just pick a network.


BANDERAS: Do we report the truth? Well, it depends who’s telling us. Like where we’re reading that story or where we’re getting our information from. But as far as, you know, basically pepper spray being sprayed at demonstrators all because of get this and this is where the reporter comes in. The Interior Department inspector general found that poor communication, they’re blaming it on poor communication, which then leads me to my next point between agencies that may have contributed to confusion during the operation.

Poor communication, they need to go to marriage counseling.



BANDERAS: Because I speak from experience when there’s poor communication, there’s a breakdown, then you end up next thing, you know, you wake up with three kids and a divorce. I haven’t gotten to the last part. I’m getting there. But I would say, you know, these people were pepper sprayed over the false narrative that they were clearing this area for a fence, not for the fence at the border, but for a fence that they were clearing out before the President.

And it’s shameful actually, that the networks are not reporting the facts. I mean, actually had an article on this. But I’m wondering if the evening news on ABC is going to be reporting it because there’s a huge disconnect between online like, oh, if we clear up our B.S online then we don’t actually have to say it on T.V.

GUTFELD: Right, right, right.

BANDERAS: Right? There’s a huge —


GUTFELD: That — they always do that. All the corrections are never seen the same way.


GUTFELD: Sean, you are probably in my mind the — one of the most media savvy, pro athletes. You were an intern at Vogue which is amazing. The only NHL hockey — the only hockey player in history to be an intern. And you were like me on the list of sexiest man alive in 2007. Which I rejected because I am totally against being objectified. But, you know, whatever. You must realize how fake the media is the moment you become the subject of a story. Right?

SEAN AVERY, FORMER NHL PLAYER: Yes. I mean, I — although I have a little bit of an issue, because you guys told me that Chris Cuomo was going to be on this panel. That’s the only reason that I came on to the show. Now — yes, no, I mean, man, the media. I think that it — what’s interesting in sports is that an athletes have figured it out. The only way that they answer questions when the media asks them a question is by every single one of them saying the exact same thing.

GUTFELD: Right, right, right.

AVERY: So they can never get themselves in trouble. There — it’s just clear, if you verbatim every single sport. Football, hockey, basketball, they answer the question the exact same way. So, you can’t even really tell if the media is telling the truth if the athletes telling the truth, no one knows really what’s going on.

GUTFELD: Exactly. Although I have to commend you. You did a great podcast interview with Dana Perino. You got her to seem like a real person. Not the monster that she is. We all know that she is an awful person. The only think she’s kind to his her dog. Clay, what is the thing that disturbs you most about these stories? That there’s so many or —

CLAY TRAVIS, FOUNDER, OUTKIK: that they’re all wrong, and never wrong in Trump’s favor?


TRAVIS: Right? I mean, just think about it. The New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, they’re — no one is infallible.


TRAVIS: But you would think if you were going to get stories wrong guys, all the time —


TRAVIS: Then some time, it would be an amazingly positive story that was false.


TRAVIS: Every single one of these stories that you ran through that we’ve gotten wrong, they’ve all been negative to Trump, which to me, is perfect evidence of the bias that’s in play. Because if there wasn’t, there’d be something really great out there about Trump. And we want to say, Oh, that’s a really good story. And then it comes out later that it’s false. They didn’t ever have one of those stories. And to me, that’s transparent.

GUTFELD: Yes. And so that’s kind of the parallel, I guess, I’m probably just going to recapitulate what you said. They’re — the stories — all the stories support the media assumption.


GUTFELD: They begin support — like, every assumption about life is — and then, like, no one has ever apologized to the media for saying, wow, what you said when we said — we thought it was wrong turns out to be right. There’s no history of that.


GUTFELD: No one — I’ve never had to apologize to the media for saying when that — remember I said you were (BLEEP) I was wrong. That’s never happened, Kat. It has never happened.

KAT TIMPF, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: No. And it’s — they report these things and then it also becomes their lives. They live in breed this stuff like wow, can you believe it? But then they’re also were mad at you if you don’t. The tear gas thing was huge. It was all anybody was talking about. I would post a picture of my dog on Instagram, and I accidentally clicked (INAUDIBLE) like, how can you be posting when Trump is tear gassing protesters.

Like — so, like, it’s a dog. It’s my puppy. You can’t just look at a puppy?


TIMPF: That’s pretty sad.

GUTFELD: You’re the real victim.

TIMPF: I know totally. Always I need to be the victim or else I don’t know how to behave.

GUTFELD: Well, you better finish the thought?


TIMPF: Well, no, I think it’s mind blowing. And they have this moral superiority when meanwhile you’re (BLEEP) on zoom like Jeffrey Toobin. And then he gets to go on T.V. and talk about it?

GUTFELD: Oh, you know what’s so great about Toobin? I’m going to take two bites off that apple. We’re doing it tonight and then we’re going to do it again tomorrow and — well, I’m going to —


TRAVIS: I think you might have to come back Monday.

GUTFELD: Oh, I think — I think we just got to keep — all Toobin, Jeffrey Toobin week.


TRAVIS: – – they picked her?


GUTFELD: This is a pretty quick question.


TRAVIS: — why, do they have a meeting? Like why was she the one to talk about Toobin and masturbate?


GUTFELD: Did they — did they have — did they bring all the anchors into a room?


TIMPF: And then why did he go? Why did he go?


TIMPF: (BLEEP) Zoom call and like we want to talk about a few interviews, like I will go.


BANDERAS: I would not allow her to come back.

GUTFELD: Oh, that would have been fantastic.


BANDERAS: — button and like all the stuff that went on in his office. I mean, if I get one masturbation story, I want at least —


TRAVIS: Did the CNN executives say we can’t have a —


TRAVIS: A man do this.


TRAVIS: Because it will look like we’re not treating it seriously.

GUTFELD: So, have a woman —

BANDERAS: But whoever gets to come out and talk after you’ve obviously been guilty?

TIMPF: Oh man. That works at CNN.

GUTFELD: I have to say though. It kind of took balls for me to do that.

BANDERAS: I mean, no pun intended.

TRAVIS: He’s also — he’s not a young guy.

GUTFELD: No, he’s in his 60s I think. He’s lived a full life.


AVERY: Do we know what he was —

TRAVIS: Looking at?


GUTFELD: No. You know what, they’ve never said that. That’s the million- dollar question.


TRAVIS: That’s the first thing that I thought too.

GUTFELD: That’s the million-dollar question. Because if it was the women on the Zoom call, that’s another story. But we —

TRAVIS: Also, even weirder.


TRAVIS: I mean, this is beyond Julie Banderas weird stuff.

BANDERAS: It really is.

GUTFELD: Next, if you don’t see eye to eye will liberals say bye-bye?


GUTFELD: Are liberals so disturbed they kick their friends to the curb. According to findings by the Survey Center on American Life, Democrats are twice as likely as Republicans to say they ended a friendship over a political disagreement. 20 percent of them say they’ve done it versus just 10 percent of Republicans. 20 percent versus 10 percent. That’s double. Which incidentally is what Julie only drinks. Drunk.

Anyway, the group that does is the most, liberal women. 33 percent said they’ve cut ties with the friend over political differences. And about one in five who’s done it said that disagreements have been about, you guessed it, Donald Trump. Amazing. I would have guessed international monetary policy or Smith Holly act. I don’t even know what that is. So, you can still get along. Can you still get along? If your friends view seems wrong?


GUTFELD: Apparently in this day and age, the answer is no. You know what reminds me what my doctor said this morning. You should probably stop doing that. It looks very sore. All right.

TRAVIS: Toobin’s doctor said the same thing.

GUTFELD: Yes. We have the same physician. And yes, I don’t do the Zoom calls. Kat, I got to go you first on this because you’re a woman.

AVERY: There you go. Boom.

GUTFELD: Congrats on the surgery.


TIMPF: He’s saying I used to be a man. Go ahead.

GUTFELD: I didn’t say that. You could have been like a unicorn. All right. So what drives me — because I this is a careful question. The couples that no longer speak to me are always ginned up by the woman. It’s not the guy. The guy is at — the could both hate Trump or what — or hate Fox. But they’re still my friends. But it’s always the woman that is the one pushing that thing in every situation. Why is that?

TIMPF: That’s interesting, because you’re making me think I need to be a more aggressive wife. Yes (INAUDIBLE) a couple friends, I don’t enjoy it.

GUTFELD: Yes. Oh, you have the total power 00


TIMPF: Oh. That is good to learn. That’s good to learn. It’s not because of politics it’s just because of the stuff they say in general.


TIMPF: And the people that they are.


BANDERAS: Name names. That will — that will —

TIMPF: Just kidding. This is just content. That is interesting. Because I feel like for me, it’s in couples that don’t talk to me anymore. It’s the wives as well.



GUTFELD: It is such a weird thing because I don’t know if it’s an evolutionary thing, Clay, that like, you know, they see that Trump reminds them have something.


GUTFELD: It reminds him of a domineering figure or whatever is — I don’t know, is this happened — has this happened to you?

TRAVIS: Yes. I’ve seen it happening all over social media. What I think happens is a lot of men are clueless when slights are being directed towards us, right? We aren’t emotionally intelligent enough. I’ll put myself in this category.


TRAVIS: To know, when somebody is trying to alienate you in some way. A woman might recognize that slight, whereas a man is totally oblivious to it. And so, I think these conversations that start off, it can be the tone, it can be the glancing, the way that people are interacting. And I think women are more likely to pick up on those cues than men are. And then that creates more of a tension. But I think it’s —

TIMPF: Also fighting releases dopamine. You start a little drama.


GUTFELD: Hmm. Interesting.

BANDERAS: I love dopamine.

GUTFELD: Sean, I don’t know anything about your politics at all. And I don’t see — I don’t — I would — are you overtly political?

AVERY: So — well, actually, I can’t — I’m in the process of becoming an American citizen. So, I technically can’t vote.


AVERY: But I was told by Alan Dershowitz that I’m a liberal conservative. So, because of that I moved to California to become friends with Democrats.

GUTFELD: How’s it working?

AVERY: Well, we’re still on lockdown. So —

GUTFELD: Do you see this as a period as any different than any other period? It’s just that we have more outlets like social media to see the dissent or the discontent?

AVERY: Yes. It’s tough because I’d love to argue and fight.


AVERY: So, it doesn’t seem weird to me.


AVERY: Like it seems kind of natural. I — the dopamine gets —

BANDERAS: There you go.

AVERY: Yes. It’s pretty —

GUTFELD: But you always go to the next step and then hit them.

AVERY: That I’m trying to stay away from. Yes.

TRAVIS: When’s the last time you hit someone?

AVERY: I don’t — I don’t want to talk about it.

TIMPF: On the way in.

GUTFELD: Yes. Doocy gave him a bad look.

TIMPF: Yes. Yes.

GUTFELD: Doocy see on the floor. Here’s your “FOX AND FRIENDS.”


GUTFELD: Julie, in order to cut out friends from your life, you have to have friends. So, I know this must be hard to understand.

BANDERAS: This is a tricky question. I knew this was going to come up.


BANDERAS: Because, you know, friendships are —


BANDERAS: You know, a few and far between for me. So, the pandemic has been really a blessing. But I have to say this, I do understand why women are the ones who were basically dictating who come in and out of the house because like, again with the dopamine and I have hit someone Within the last 24 hours. So, you know, what — but I don’t understand this, and this is what I don’t get.

Democrats, it — they — it takes politics for them to decide whether to be friends because they have the saying, you know, don’t judge a book by its cover, I am the opposite. I say judge. And anyone I meet, you’re guilty until proven innocent. I’d make the best juror. And within two minutes I know if you’re going to be my friend, and the way I do that is what I have drank with you before I had children. With — and that’s how I judge. Absolutely.

TRAVIS: It’s a really great one. I mean —


TIMPF: You drink with me or while with your children.

BANDERAS: That’s true.


GUTFELD: And get drunk with your children.

BANDERAS: Yes. And therefore, I like you.

GUTFELD: I’ve only lost friends. I didn’t really mind losing. I mean, you know, that’s just how you got to look at it, you know, it’s like —

BANDERAS: And you won’t miss them.

GUTFELD: Yes, you don’t miss him. In fact, as you get older, you got to start, you know —

BANDERAS: One or two is my max.

GUTFELD: Exactly, exactly. You got to have —

TRAVIS: I think you’ve —


GUTFELD: Having a lawyer and somebody really rich.

TRAVIS: See? That’s a great line. And I think you see everybody’s opinion way more.

GUTFELD: Exactly.

TRAVIS: That’s the key.

GUTFELD: So you don’t have much time left on the planet. So, you’re less — you’re less diplomatic about your time. It’s like if this person is wasting my time, I’m out of here. I don’t have time to listen to this jackass. And that includes myself. All right. Up next. Fauci tried to put his pride aside, but still sounded snide.


GUTFELD: He demands compliance because he’s science. Grouchy Fauci is firing back at critics who’ve been hammering him for flip flopping on masks, as well as his early dismissal of the Wuhan lab leak theory, still don’t know how to pronounce that, because no one wants to spread bad news about their friends. His point, he had to change his position as they learned more about the virus.


DR. ANTHONY FAUCI, WHITE HOUSE CORONAVIRUS TASK FORCE: At the time that we were saying, we shouldn’t be wearing a mask, there were three factors that were going on: A. There was thought to be a shortage of masks. B. There was no evidence that masked worked outside of the context of a hospital. Thirdly, we were not aware of the extent of a symptomatic spread. It wasn’t only me. I’m picked out as the villain. It was the Surgeon General of the United States and the entire CDC.


GUTFELD: On factor four always passed the buck. But professor know-it-all didn’t stop there.


FAUCI: All of the things that I have spoken about, consistently from the very beginning, have been fundamentally based on science. Sometimes those things were inconvenient truths for people, and there was pushback against me. So, if you are trying to, you know, get at me, as a public health official and a scientist, you’re really attacking not only Dr. Anthony Fauci, you’re attacking science.


GUTFELD: Can’t you see? He’s the real victim, but it is a great strategy. Remember when you’re attacking Greg Gutfeld, you’re attacking handsomeness? That funny. Could happen. Anyway, Fauci went on to reiterate his belief that the virus was of natural origin, which Senator John Kennedy later took issue with. Here he is appearing on a very mysterious program known as “HANNITY.”


SEN. JOHN KENNEDY (R-LA): Dr. Fauci needs to cut the crap. This isn’t about Dr. Fauci. It’s not about his feelings, and I’m sorry, if his feelings were hurt. No, maybe he ought to ban emotional support pony. Since day one, Dr. Fauci and his expert friends have told us look, the virus occurred naturally, it jumped from a bat to through an intermediate host into human beings. Well, it’s been a year. Where’s the proof? Where’s the smoking bat?


GUTFELD: It’s a great question. Where is the smoking bat? I’m picturing a lonely bat sitting in a bar, smoking a cigarette, perhaps vaping, because that’s what the bats do these days. I can’t keep up with the bats. Clay, what are your thoughts on Fauci?

TRAVIS: He would have been much better off if he had disappeared and resigned at 78 years old, or whatever he is, last year, maybe when Donald Trump got lost the election, and he had a new president coming in. Because I think what’s going to happen is, as we continue to investigate what happened, how this I think escaped the laboratory. Fauci, the fact that they were doing the advanced function research, the fact that it was tax dollars involved, yes, I think all of the e-mails and everything else is going to lead back to him ultimately being the fall man for this entire theory. And if he had left, when we change the election, then I think he would have been in much better shape, this is going to get worse for me.

GUTFELD: And you could have made his book all about working with Trump, and that would have sold so much more. Now, Shawn, I remember on one of your podcasts, you had this woman on who had done like a poem about the lockdown and stuff, but it’s like the effect really on kids and everything in this whole phase of all of these restrictions. What are your thoughts on this? You give Fauci some credit, or no credit?

SEAN AVERY, FORMER NHL PLAYER: you know, I it’s tough because I didn’t listen to anything he said, at any point in time. So, you know, I’m thinking like, well, yes, I assumed that everything you said wasn’t true anyways. So, I did the opposite. Yes. But no, the whole thing about kids, like, you know, I think back to thinking when I was 8 or 9 years old, and what would have happened to my parents, if I missed a season of sport. I don’t know if we would have got through it. Right. I think they would have probably sent me somewhere and I never came back. Yes. It’s just, you know, yes, the whole thing’s been crazy. But like I said, I just assumed that he was, you know, pulling the wool on their eyes or over eyes from the beginning.

GUTFELD: Yes, you know, we’ve learned a lot in this pandemic. Or at least I have, I don’t know about you. I have God knows if you have any memory of this. But at the time, it was good. But I think we’re learning that Experts are not really experts. Now. They’re there. They’re flying by the seat of their pants just like everybody else.

BANDERAS: You know, like under Trump. He wasn’t allowed to talk. I actually thought he was very credible at that time. Now, that Biden’s in office, he’s talking all the time, and I’m like, oh my god, this is the guy we trusted? And then the fact that he says that attacking him as attacking science. So now he’s saying he’s the definition of science. So, then I checked with my pals over at Webster dictionary, and they actually define science surprisingly, Fauci’s name is not in the definition.

The state of knowing, knowing knowledge, as distinguished from ignorance or misunderstanding. So, then here we go with the misunderstanding thing, which again, marriage counseling. But I think personally, I mean, I guess we misunderstood the fact that masks do not protect us. Does that what we misunderstood? He’s saying that it didn’t prove to be helpful outside of a hospital setting, right? So, it’s OK for doctors, but it’s not OK for the rest of us. Like those in the nursing home. They’re all dying by the thousands. And so, therefore, yes, I mean, less is more Fauci Stop talking.

GUTFELD: That’s true. It’s about time. You know, Kat, if somebody attacked cat tip, would they would be attacking?

KAT TIMPF, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Oh, God, I’m not going to do that. Because I’m not a psycho. I’m only kind of psycho, right. This is —

GUTFELD: You’d be attacking psychos.

TIMPF: No, because I moderately hinged. This crazy to say I am science that’s like Charlie Sheen Circa 2011. Crazy. I am science. Yes. Like I thought he was kind of like dweeby maybe a little shady as like a noise that can’t do stuff on like, this man is completely insane. That is something a completely insane person would say. And I like him even less. Because normally when someone that is that insane. I find myself attracted to them. Actually, to be clear, I mean, sexually. But him, I don’t Oh, wow. Crazy and not hot.

AVERY: Yes, that’s a tough combo.

TIMPF: It is. Almost never happen.

GUTFELD: How do you get to work in these New York City streets with the crazy people? Of course, 10 people commute?

TIMPF: Not anymore. Yes, I’m married now. Right? Yes.

GUTFELD: And I’m sure he’s very happy to hear this.

TIMPF: Look, I did a lot for the homeless. I did a lot. He’s a giver.

GUTFELD: Oh, my God, help me. They were an immigrant success until the left became obsessed. It’s canceled culture versus a family business.


GUTFELD: Oh boy, one bad tweet and you’re out on the streets. They invade the best hummus in town until the mob shut him down. During her podcast, “Honestly,” writer, Barry Weiss, recounts the story of an immigrant family’s business that was destroyed over a tweet. The Wadi family ran holy land, a popular Middle Eastern grocery store chain based in Minnesota, which is a state, Kat. But last summer, their company and their family came under attack. Turns out their daughter tweeted racist things back in 2012 when she was just 16.

And they were terrible tweets the kind of garbage you’d expect from a 51- year-old son of a president. Those tweets came to light during the George Floyd protests and the backlash was so severe people demanded that the company owner, who is the girl’s father, fire his own daughter from the family business. Here’s the shocking part, he did, even though she apologized and now marches in protests in the protests. But that didn’t stop the mob landlords canceled their leases with the company’s largest location, million-dollar contracts were severed with other businesses and dozens of employees were let go.

After the Wadi home address became public. The family even had to evacuate their house out of fear a peaceful protest would peacefully burn it to the ground. So, is it me or is public shaming become our national pastime? I tell you, if we were all held accountable for stupid things we did when we were 16. I be in prison right now. A woman’s prison. That’s a long story. We can’t get into it here now.

Sean, also, you’re Canadian, right? I keep forgetting about that. But I sometimes I’m sure your tweets were really bad. But she was 16. This is like almost 20 years, no 10 years ago. Don’t you feel bad for this family? They come here they build a successful business.

AVERY: Yes, I mean, I think the dad didn’t you know, he’s got to go to the playbook. He should have he should’ve, he fired the daughter, he should have divorced the mom.

GUTFELD: You have all the answers. Clay Woody, is this getting worse and worse?

TRAVIS: Yes, and here’s my thing on the 16-year-old, I got to be careful. We, as we as adults, make the decision that if you get in trouble as a minor, if she had robbed a convenience, it would work with a gun, that’d be OK. They would why they would wipe that clean right sponge her record so that she could live her life as an adult without being held responsible by the stupidity of her teenage years. Right.

If we make that decision, and we have spent hundreds of years in the law saying teenagers people under the age of 18 they aren’t adults. We’re not going to hold them accountable for the rest of their life. How do we retro actively go look at 10-year-old tweets from a 16-year-old and hold her more accountable for this than we did and would if she had committed armed robbery. It’s, it’s absolutely insane.

GUTFELD: We’re in the throes of a mass delusion and like, like a slow now fast rolling witch trial. You know, Julie, you and your phone —

BANDERAS: I know, I’m trying to check something because —

AVERY: You’re making sure your teenagers are not tweeting something. I’m terrified of it already.

BANDERAS: No, I don’t have teenagers my phone —

AVERY: I got a 13-year-old. I got a 13-year-old, I’m terrified of this.

GUTFELD: Julie, you if there was Twitter when you were in high school oh my god, I’d be screwed. You’d have no career.

BANDERAS: I mean, like career wise. Yes. And I don’t mean at my job. I’m saying I would not have a job. But I’m just so glad that social media didn’t exist when I was a teenager because I did so much stupid —

GUTFELD: Me too.

BANDERAS: There’s not of it. I mean, I was fired from several jobs, but not for you know, making racist remarks. It was like I didn’t want to wear a hairnet. When I worked at the concession stand at the movie theater. Or I might have stole a couple things at the pharmacy. I worked. She marched in George Floyd protests right in 2012. She clearly supported Black Lives Matter in that whole movement Yes, we all did stupid (INAUDIBLE) we were 16.

GUTFELD: Yes, yes. 2012 and two, she marched in 2020. She said it in 2012.

BANDERAS: No, that’s what I’m saying. She’s the stupid stuff —

AVERY: She’s grown from it which is what we want people to do.

TIMPF: But then when they say they want. That’s what they say they want they say want. They say they want progress. So what’s this march for? It’s for change. This march is for progress. Well, a great example of that would be someone who tweeted this horrific thing 8-years-ago and then eight years later is marching with you guys.

BANDERAS: Which she also made bad fat comments, where’s the fat community?

GUTFELD: Yes, that’s true. She made fat — fats in juice.

TRAVIS: But seriously, to Sean’s point —

TIMPF: He said raw fats.

TRAVIS: How could you solve this?


TIMPF: He should’ve killed her.


TIMPF: But they don’t want progress, they want to, they want, they want to — they love it because they get to be better than you. So, if you are always judged by sins no matter how long ago they were, if you were a child with an idiot child brain.

GUTFELD: I don’t want kids.

TIMPF: Then they get to continue to be better than everybody.

GUTFELD: All right, I think we all agree that kids are evil. Up next, will Logan Paul and friends make boxing great again?


GUTFELD: Shall the sport of boxing fall with the rise of Logan Paul? YouTube sensations Jake and Logan Paul earned millions of followers posting videos of pranks, stunts and other self-absorbed nonsense that I don’t understand. Now, they’re using their fame to hype pay per view boxing with massive profits. This weekend, Logan Paul fought retired champ, Floyd Mayweather Jr. Was the fight any good? Nope. But it made millions. The fans have spoken. Instead of competitive boxing, they’d rather watch these freak shows. Where else can you get a TikTok star pummeling an ex NBA player with booming hip hop and light shows and tons of trash talking online?

The Paul brothers may be annoying but they’re living a write your own adventure story. They’re winning fights, they’re having fun and they’re making cash like strippers on Hunter Biden night. All right. Clay, I actually love this story and I have total respect for Logan Paul because he’s got this — I call it the movie theory that he gets up in the morning and he writes his own script so that he’s the star of life. That’s the only way — I wish I thought like this. I came to that conclusion years ago that you can do this. But it’s, it’s so he decided he was going to do this.

TRAVIS: And he did it without anybody else’s help on YouTube. We were talking about kids earlier. My kids wake up every morning. First thing they do is go to YouTube, to see highlights of sports and to watch their favorite YouTube stars. They don’t spend time on television. They care about these boxing matches.


TRAVIS: And I actually think this is great for boxing because the sport was dying. People didn’t care about traditional boxers. They want to watch exhibitions like this for the entertainment value. Yes, it’s a fun Saturday night. OK, so Shawn, you’ve been in a lot of fights as a hockey player. Does this seem appealing to you?

AVERY: Do I really need to answer that? Yes, I mean, I so you know, here’s the thing. OK. First of all, it shouldn’t be called boxing because technically, it’s not really boxing, boxing is blood, sweat and tears, years of work and —

BANDERAS: Training.

AVERY: If the Paul brothers fight somebody their own size. No, I’m being serious, I mean, you look at it, and the press conferences and you know, the Paul brothers here, and the opponents here.

GUTFELD: So, it’s about reach?

AVERY: It’s just about weight and force. You can’t do anything. They’re never going to really loose. And I don’t think it’s really box. I think it’s entertainment, which is fine. I mean, I’m not going to pay to watch it. Yes, I’ll let you pay me to beat (BLEEP) one of them.

TIMPF: I’ll pay for that.

GUTFELD: Kat, what are your thoughts? It’s a sport. Are you aware of it?

TIMPF: I’m aware of. I prefer to watch, like the emotional warfare type of fighting on my reality T.V. But I just don’t understand, like all these articles about the, you know how this is ruining the integrity of the sport. The sport where it’s two guys who punch each other. I don’t know men are weird.

GUTFELD: Julie, I could see you in the female MMA circuit.

BANDERAS: I don’t know. Is it weird that I really don’t care about the story? Like, I like I’m with you. Like I and I love your last name, Avery, that’s awesome. But anyway, Jean Paul, first of all YouTubers, let me just start there. I’m all over the place I’ve been thinking.

So, Jake Paul, he’s this YouTuber who was he was making money. And yes, he’s famous because he’s got a lot of views on YouTube, which I think YouTubers are just annoying because they think that they’re like the big celebrity, right? They’ve actually earned the right. He’s gotten — what kind of training does this guy have? None. Right. He’s a clown. And he also has a criminal background. So, now he’s getting —

GUTFELD: I didn’t know that. They’re two brothers or you is it Logan or it’s Jake? Logan’s the boxer. Now, I’m confused. You’ve — keep going.

BANDERAS: Jake. Jake. Can somebody confirm with me?

TRAVIS: I think they both fight.

GUTFELD: They both fight, oh.

BANDERAS: Yes, but Jake is the one — Jake is the — he’s the one on the left, right?

GUTFELD: We shouldn’t have done this story. I know.

BANDERAS: Yes. But then — I mean, he’s got a record. He’s not he’s kind of a jackass is what I’m trying to say. So, he’s getting all this extra attention for being (BLEEP).

GUTFELD: There you go.

TIMPF: I wish I can do that.

BANDERAS: He’s so good at doing that.

TRAVIS: Welcome to the Internet.

BANDERAS: Oh, no, I just think YouTubers are annoying and so I could care less. I would like, I would pay to watch them (BLEEP) front of each other. Bleep that whole segment.

GUTFELD: I think Sean is right though. It’s like, if you put in a different context, it’s fairly harmless, but the context as boxing, it doesn’t it’s kind of weird, but I still just like the idea that the — where did this guy come from?

TRAVIS: I think it speaks to how loyal his audience is to him that they will pay $50.00 to watch him box or they’ll show up for these YouTube like my kids ordered meals, right? Like these guys have McDonald’s meals and they have every it’s like crazy. They’ll go out to do it.

GUTFELD: It’s amazing. We are old. We are all old.

TIMPF: Speak for yourself.

GUTFELD: All right. 40s young. Be right back.


GUTFELD: We’re almost out of time so we have time for one final thoughts. Clay.

TRAVIS: June 21st. I’m excited. Buck Sexton and myself will be taking over the Rush Limbaugh time slot 12:00 to 3:00 on the East Coast. I hope you guys will check us out. Thanks for the opportunity —

GUTFELD: There you go. All right, we’re out of time. Set your DVRs every night so you never miss an episode thanks to Julie Banderas, Clay Travis, Sean Avery, Kat Timpf, our studio audience. “FOX NEWS @ NIGHT” with evil Shannon Bream is next. I’m Greg Gutfeld. I love you, America. Thank you.

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