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Stock Market Today: SEBI's margin rules become applicable; Anil Singhvi gives this stay-safe trade strategy

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Stock Market Today: Market regulator Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has implemented new margin rules in the stock market from today. Now, in cash segment also, one will have to pay the margins in certain conditions. Failing which, the broker will have to face penalty. Zee Business Managing Editor Anil Singhvi said that since brokers won’t pay the penalty from their pocket, the penalty will ultimately fall on investors. The Market Guru advised stock market investors to know the pledging and re-pledging rules implemented by SEBI before making any investment.

Speaking on how to remain safe and avoid penalty, Anil Singhvi said, “Best way to remain safe from any kind of penalty, is to give a call to your broker and ask from him about how much one need to pay as margins while executing a trade. It will help both trader and broker to develop a healthy and fool proof trade practice.”

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Singhvi said that new SEBI norms doesn’t mean one can’t do BTST (Buy Today Sell Today) trade but it’s always better to know the rules before making any investment decision. He said that it’s better to trade and lose money after the stop loss trigger rather making money from the market and losing it in the form of penalty.

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The Market Guru was off the opinion that SEBI had announced about the new decision 15 days before but even though one couldn’t get full details of the changed SEBI norms, it’s still not too late. Brokers have all information in regard to the pledge and re-pledge rules.